Cythia Dimarco

From the approach of a holistic lifestyle, I teach my clients how to increase their vitality and well-being, while reducing long term disease risk into their lifestyle and have a healthier relationship with food. After completing an assessment of a client’s overall health status, weight, medical and social history, lifestyle and nutrient requirements, I devise a customized plan with the client that will ensure they meet their nutrition goals and optimize their health. Through a follow-up program, I further ensure that the client can make lasting behavioral changes that will positively impact their lives. Each client has biochemical uniqueness and requires individualized counseling that is tailored to each client’s individual needs and wants. I work with people of all ages and different types of nutrition related issues.

Whether you come in for only a few visits or you follow-up many times, you will feel empowered with knowledge and confidence to adhere to your new holistic approach to life altering changes in your eating habits that will help you overcome or control your illness or disease and/or meet your health goals.

Cynthia Dimarco

Cynthia C. DiMarco

R.D. LD/N, C.Ad.

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