Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is the largest noninvasive health care delivery system in the world. Chiropractic is at the top of the C.A.M. (Complimentary Alternative Medicine). There are three major differences between chiropractic and traditional medical practice...

1.) The philosophy. Our profession looks to the vital healing abilities of our body's innate intelligence, the inborn wisdom that keeps us developing and changing (healing) to match the environment we are in. We must adapt to new and stronger viral and bacterial infestations, only a healthy immunity can achieve this by identifying and sequestering the invader to our body. It is with this respect that the Doctor of Chiropractic strives to look at the whole person and deduce from that inquiry how to correct the cause and prevention of dis-ease.

2.) The science. We are trained not only in the chiropractic science but we must also know all the physiology of all the medical sciences. Seven years of post-graduate education, two years of pre-medical, four years of chiropractic college and one year ex-tern. The latest advancements in the sicence of chiropractic can be found in our many fine journals. Long term chiropractic care has been seen to change DNA and recombinant RNA (C. Kent el al research study) in patients` with the conclusion that the nervous system is adapting the cells to change. This can only happen when the nerves are signaling the tissue without interference. This is proof that the subluxation (small dislocation of the vertebra affecting the transmission of nerve impulse) is a major influence to the health an well-being of the entire body. Chiropractors locate, analyze and correct spinal subluxations. We do not treat symptoms. We locate the cause of the problem. We restore balance to the body, thereby restoring reflexes and health. We have a statement: The power that made can heal the body.

3.) The Art. This is the chiropractic adjustment. If you have been to the chiropractor, you will understand that by adjusting the spinal vertebra, the body's natural health is restored. At night, your brain (the thinking, memory and emotional part) is resting. That's when the central nervous system jumps into high gear restoring, removing and replacing tissue and cells creating new healthy tissue and restoring function to the bodies organs. Each chiropractic adjustment is specific to that particular patients spinal subluxations. The biggest part of the chiropractic adjustment is to inform our patients and to educate them about the care and wellness. Your body is your greatest gift how you use it is up to you. The most important part is diet. We have a registered dietitian on staff who will assist our patients on our full regimen of advanced nutraceuticals by nutraMetrix® please look at our full line of these excellent bio available supplements. Exercise is the other essential ingredient to help keep the joints and muscles flexible.

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